50gr Cocaine (Uncut High Quality Fishscale Flakes Cocaine)

09/12/2017 03:34:59 PM | offer | Health aids
3.5g Cocaine (Uncut High Quality Fishscale Flakes Cocaine) for sale High quality cocaine flakes we have tested it cooked it and someone smoked it. AAA+ quality for sniffing and smoking purity > 90%. Text +1(903) 484-6781 We sell only high grade Cocaine from Bolivia, Colombia and Peru so the ... quality cannot be beaten by any vendor! Of course we crush the cocaine for security reasons before we ship it to your destination. Before you order with us make sure u have read our profile! Re-order only possible without any issues charlie, coke, cola, peru, colombia, bolivia, boots, ching, girl, nose candy, party powder, powder, slim, snow, white, yay, yayo. 100% reship policy. Features: Product class: Physical package Quantity left: Unlimited Ends in: Never Ships to: Worldwide Payment: WU, MG Gift Card, BTC and Bank Transfer Purchase price: USD $25 for 3.5 Gram Delivery: Overnight Delivery is available Minimum order quantity: 50 Grams 1 - 3 Days (100% Guaranteed Via DHL, TNT or FedEx Discreet Overnight Shipping) Contact us "Now" http://www.gurneyrxonlineshop.com/

Price:$ 358



www link:http://www.gurneyrxonlineshop.com/

Chris Pries - Dignitas Nembutal
+1 9034846781
Telephone 2:
+1 9034846781
+1 9034846781

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